Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Business of Being Born

The words "home birth," "water birth," "birthing center," "hospital" used to whirl around my head. I've never been one for hospitals and am cautious of using medication (blame it on the Regan administration); so I was on a quest to find the perfect birthing center. I had numerous images of playing my CD collection and giving birth to "Oh Lord, How Excellent" in a dimly lit birthing center room surrounded with candles. Although, I couldn't find a full-fledged center, I found something somewhat close to it.

That brings me to Ricki Lake's documentary, "The Business of Being Born" where she speaks of the green side of having a baby...and I don't mean the environment, but the dollars and cents. The movie has been released in select cities and will be available for rent at Netflix in February 2008 and for sale in March 2008. I'm looking forward to seeing it, not necessarily because I think everyone should be ant-hospitals, but just so you'll know your options and make well-researched decisions.


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