Friday, January 11, 2008

Nesting 101

Sometime during pregnancy, a pregger embarks on a period of time known as nesting. Much like a bird gathering items to secure a safe and comfortable place for her eggs, pregnant women go through great strain to research the safest and most aesthetically appealing items for her baby. I relish this time because the environment I welcome my child in should almost be magical. Being the >ahem< wanna-be designer, I look forward to jazzing up my baby's room. Here are some tips I've learned along the way.

1) Stick to Items That You Like
I know this may sound selfish, but you're going to have see these items everyday, you might as well like them yourself. That's why I refuse to do cartoon characters. I loved Mickey and Minnie as a child, but do I really need to see them everytime I go into the nursery?

2) Be Creative
Who says you have to leave your creative gene to the department stores that already has the nusery designed for you? Scour magazines and seek out key items that you can add your own twist. For instance, you may really like that designer satin bed skirt, but the price may break your budget. Go ye to a fabric store and make your own. Also, many designers have knock offs or similar ideas at lower end stores such as Target. Furthermore, you can decorate your child's walls with framed calendar pictures or various techniques from pictures of your children (i.e. Andy Warhol filters, framed pictures of ultrasounds, or newborn baby pictures).

3) Think Long-Term
Do you really need to spend a lot of money on items that the baby can only use for the first three months of their life? Why not buy furniture that can be theirs for at least five years? Rather than purchase a changing table, get a dresser with a changing pad. Try investing in a crib that converts into a single/twin bed. Buy furniture that you can use for future children. Sometimes it's worth the extra money for the quality.

4) Function, Function, Function
Plan the room around it's purpose. Ask yourself key questions like: Where would I feed the baby? What do I need at arm's reach? Do I want a table by the glider with my favorite CD's in rotation with a book and bottles of water? What items do I want my child to get to very easily? What items I don't want him/her to reach easily? Would the long curtains be a future problem with a busy toddler? Are the baby's items easily organized for other caregivers?

5) Safety
Check out Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association for a list of safe products such as cribs for your beautiful baby.

6) Have a Ball
This is the time where you can paint the room red if you want to. It's an excitig time to await the arrival of your baby, so make his room as special and unique as you can. Have close friends and relatives help you during this exciting time. Have a nursery decorating party. Just don't forget to have FUN!


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