Monday, August 18, 2008

Up and Away

Among many traits and skills motherhood challenges, I'll say organizational skills is on the top of the list. For the first couple months of motherhood you realize you can't walk without a purpose. Every move and time of the day must be one of strategy. One major question I often ask myself when I leave with my sweetie, pertains to how much time do I have to run errands before her next feeding or nap. In other words, how long can I tag her along without a fuss or before she gets tired.

Prior to motherhood, I would see these pictures like the one in the ad chapmaign for Skip Hop above and think that'll be me. A cute daughter in one arm, a stylish diaper bag in the other and be the most stylish put together mom on the mission. Now some months into this journey, I must say I'm getting more of a hang of it but it definitely has been a learning curve. The first lesson I learned was that organization is your friend. The second lesson I learned is that I cannot do it all by myself. You can always spot the mothers who try to be superwoman, or to be like my childhood homie Wonderwoman. They are always tired, frustrated, and always wondering why they could never do it all. As opposed to women who realize that help, whether it be a grandma (biological or play grandma), cousin, sister, daycare, helps out a great deal and can give you time to write that bestselling novel you've always wanted to write or start that home based business with revenues that will come in handy. These women know the secret to doing it all, it is orrganization and yes, building that team to help you be the best mom you can be.


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