Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello There!!!

Please forgive me for my self-imposed hiatus. From now on, God willing, I will not be away for so long.

So, much has happened since the last post. I've been steadily completing my book and have even managed to complete a children's book that will be out for Spring 2010. I have also made some strides, ever so small in building my repoirtore of domestic skills. When I say that does it seem odd or even backwards for a woman to speak of building domstic skills in 2009? Post feminist movement. Post Hillary Clinton. Post Michelle Obama.

Well, to me it doesn't. Quite frankly, I know there's more that meets the eye when you go into a home and it's well decorated, smells good, is clean, and there's a nice roast in the oven, not to mention a homemade birthday cake for the occassion. Hey, six years ago I would have taken it for granted, but now I don't. Those are some serious life skills that both men and women can benefit from possessing. I also just read a cute little book entitled Domestic Bliss by Rita Konig, featured above.

So, as I start this new chapter of Pictures, Ice-Cream, and E-P-T, I hope you will join with me on my voyage to being a mother, wife, and author.

Until next time...Peace and blessings!


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