Monday, November 30, 2009

Tweet Tweet

I was always that kid who secretly hoped there would be a package under the Christmas tree with air holes for a cute cocker spaniel that I could name Lola. Now years later and one kid later I kind of want that experience for my Sweet Pea, of course with a more manageable pet like...say... Birds.

The idea came not from myself but her fascination of these creatures that flock the air and she'll scream out bird and then I thought wouldn't it be lovely if we had our very own inside the home that could provide us with endless chatter or song. Some society finches or a canary. I was really thinking about lovebirds but got a sticker shock when I saw them selling for $150 each.

Three reasons why I suggest birds as pets:

1) You don't have to walk them on a cold day.
2) You don't have to potty train them.
3) They're a great source of education to witness as they reproduce.

What are your pet suggestion?


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