Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Masses

The first couple of days of finding out about my pregnancy, I couldn't help but tell everyone I knew or random people I came into contact. Also, I only wanted Jamaican food. I don't know if it was out of comfort or craving. I think it was more out of comfort than anything else. My parents not being here, yadayadayada. So, when I went to Mama Shirley's restaurant, she was what I needed. You have to dodge bullets to get there and most of the lighbulbs in the restaurant don't work, but the coconut flavored rice and peas reminded me of home.

I sat down to a meal of steak and rice and peas and couldn't help but divulge her in my new suprise. We sat on opposite sides of the table, she being the maternal figure I needed and I being the person to give her valuable information that would spread far and wide. I didn't care, I was pregnant. May have even been pregnant with twins. That alone couldn't be held.

"Garfield waited so long."

I laughed to myself, people always made it seem like Babes was desperate to have children, just because he was thrirty-five. When in actuality, I was the one desiring children. She went on to give me advice.

"Don't drink any soda, yuh hear."

I nodded. I don't drink soda anyway. There will be no loss. She kept on smiling and looking at me. I mentally calculated how long would it take for this news to reach the masses. Seven days probably.


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