Friday, December 28, 2007

Stroller Crush

I admit to being one of those mothers-to-be who prefers decorating the nursery and buyng clothing and books for her child rather than to spend her time figuring out which stroller to purchase. In fact, when I think of strollers and car seats, I instantly get a headache. There are so many of these four wheel vehicles on the market that I sometimes feel like I'm buying a car. I tried to put this purchase off as much as I could until Babes and I happened upon the sleek Beinz of strollers. I tried to ignore these strollers but they are just so light, attractive, and well-designed. I don't like the cartoon character overly kiddy designed strollers. Why should I? I'm a grown woman. I passed that stage of my life already. Also, I get tired when I see parents with really bulky strollers that you have to break a sweat to push or to fold. So, Babes and I have developed a crush for these Bugaboos. I really like the Pram, with its classic design and multi-use bassinet. Perhaps the crush may turn out to be a reality or maybe it's just best to like it from a distance. We shall see.


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