Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Organic Baby

Organic has become a buzz term, as of late. I'm just waiting to see organic bottled water. But with all of the fright concerning the lead paint on toys, one can't help but be concerned with what children are playing with in their playpens. When looking for toys it is best to go with organic cotton and natural hardwoods. I like the veggies with the pencil box. This can be found at www.underthenile.com. For newborns the frog rattle is adorable and encourages the baby to move his head to the direction of the sound. The rattle could be found at www.oompa.com for $27.49.

Another site to refer to when purchasing environmentally safe toys is www.moolka.com. The stacking blocks is made of beech wood and is for $54.


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