Thursday, April 10, 2008

Slinging It

I wonder if I can make "sling it" a new term.

"Yeah, I'm going to sling it to the park with Bea."

At whatever rate, I'm really enjoying the Baby Hawk Baby carrier ( It's very comfortable and my daughter likes it a lot...meaning she falls right to sleep in it. At first, I was a little nervous about carrying my little one around in one until I realized, it epitomizes the position she was in during pregnancy. You know, a little scrunched up and cozy. The bonus for her, is that she can hear my heartbeat when I carry her in front which puts her right back to the world of the womb. The bonus for me is that, I don't always have to be checking on her in the bassinet, when I'm away from the room. Where's baby? She's right here with me. That'll put any mother or dad at ease.

The Maya Wrap ( is another option for those of you who prefer the cross the body position.


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