Monday, November 17, 2008

The Mind Behind Milo and Milk

I got a chance to interview Lori Prasad, the design director and creator of Milo and Milk. Read on to see what she had to say about her fabulous children's clothing line.

1) What made you start a children's clothing company?

I started sewing special orders for new moms and for baby shower gifts while I was working retail at Barney’s New York. I had great feedback and was told by many that this was an area of design that I should explore. With that said, years later I developed my first line in 2006 and gave birth to Milo and Milk launching my first collection in the spring of 2007.

2) I love the name of your company, it evokes a lot of happy memories of my childhood growing up in a Jamaican home. How did you come up with the name and how does it relate to the style of the clothing?

The name Milo and Milk evokes a lot of happy memories in my childhood that was passed down from my mother and grandmother and their love for the chocolate drink Milo mixed with hot or cold milk.

3) What is your design background?

It all started in Jr. High School learning to sew in home economics for three years and continued to study Clothing and Textiles in High School for three years. I then moved on to study women’s fashion design in Montreal, Canada at College LaSalle and years later moved to New York City to study Accessories Design and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

4) What is the biggest challenges you face as a children's clothing designer?

There are countless challenges that small businesses face everyday! The number one challenge is staying visible in the market place. This is done by submitting produce for editorials, driving traffic to your websites, participating in tradeshows and opening new accounts and maintaining existing accounts in boutiques.

5) What advice would you give to anyone who is interested in starting their own clothing line?

My advice for anyone who is interested in starting their own clothing line is to work in the industry first and learn at someone’s expense before launching their own line. I also recommend doing your research about your market! With access to the internet you really have not excuse to not learn valuable information about the industry you wish to pursue.

6) What's the future of your company?

The future of Milo and Milk is to diversify launching Milo and Milk Boy’s, Milo and Milk Home featuring bedroom interior design items for children, Milo and Milk Books for children and Milo and Milk Baby Skin Care an organic skin care line for children. The overall long-term goal is to develop a children’s lifestyle brand addressing all the needs of children.

7) Where can people purchase clothing from Milo and Milk?

Milo and Milk is featured at several boutiques that are listed on the website and is also available online at


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