Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Belly Button Blues

Again, another experience I was completely unaware of during pregnancy. My belly button had been sore since the third month of pregnancy. For some reason, I thought my belly button was linked to my child's belly button. That's a big NO. My doctor advised me that my belly button is completely my own and my daughter's has her own. The discomfort I feel is merely my ligaments stretching. That seems like the answer for everything as of late, are ligaments stretching.I doubt if they ever come back.

So, here I am last night talking to my dad on the phone and "Ouch." It felt like my belly button popped, but it didn't. I pictured my uterus pushing against my belly button. No one told me about this little tid bit of information. I wasn't even sure whether my handy dandy "What to Expect When Expecting" even mentioned anything about a sore belly button. I guess belly buttons may not be as exciting to talk about. Pregnant women have so much more to contend with like the likes of stretch marks or varicose veins. Sore belly buttons are probably a topic that are almost laughable.

But, I do know that most women's belly buttons usually pop somewhere during the second trimester. I used to look forward to this occurence, much like how I look forward to a nice round belly, but if it accompanies sore belly buttons; I may pass on that...if possible.


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