Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Alternative to Jarred Food

Among many questions many mothers would be asking themselves is whether or not you will make your own baby food or buy the traditional baby food. I try my best not to be judgmental, because parents tend to come across that way due to their strong convictions regarding major issues (i.e. cloth diapers, vaccinations, breastfeeding, home school). However, I honestly believe most well-meaning parents try to make the best choice for their child based on their knowledge regarding child rearing; so who am I to look down upon Jane Mary for feeding her child Gerber. But, I'm more inclined to smashing up organic fruits and veggies (sans seasoning) to ensure my child actually learns to appreciate food without all of the other stuff we put on it. So, far my favorites are sweet potato and banana because it's so easy to puree. Pumpkins are also a great addition to the early food sampler for your cupcake as well.

But if the thought of making food into a puree gives you the hives perhaps you might want to try Plum Organics (www.plumorganics.com). With blends such as pumpkin banana and pears and apples you eagerly want your munchkin to taste it; while also sneaking a taste for yourself. There's also Happy Baby food (www.happybabyfood.com) that has frozen yummy combinations of organic food organized in frozen trays.


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