Friday, August 7, 2009

For Other Beginning Sewists

I tried knitting and didn't get past two weeks, but sewing has won my heart. Although, I wouldn't say I'm an expert, I'm slowly understanding a thing or two about this craft which can be dated back to the beginning of civilization. What do you think Adam and Eve did with those figs when they realized they were naked?

What I've learned is that Project Runway patterns are for those who have sewed for years. You know those people who always say, "Oh Ive been sewing since I was five. I used to sew for my dolls..." Yeah, those people.

Simplicity is a good start when it comes to patterns and my favorite books so far are Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross and Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp. Get 4 yards of fabulous material (not too costly) and try some of these patterns. I especially heart the apron in Weekend Sewing and I also like the bags in Sew Everything Workshop. Enjoy!