Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Idealistic Look At The Past

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes? I know sometimes when you hear of one's life flashing before their eyes, we think of a pending death. But lately I have been having flashes of different segments of my life. Getting ready for my first day of tenth grade, coming home from college, leaving to New York after college, meeting my husband, meeting my daughter. It's strange because it leaves you in a state of reflection. You think of what may have gone right or wrong. I also see a lot of faces that were once major parts of my life, fade into the background. I stop and wonder about their whereabouts and also wonder what made us lose touch with each other. I think, "Man, she was a good friend. I need to give her a call."

Life has a way of going lightening fast. One day you're a gawky thirteen year old battling pimples and the next day you're managing a household. Somehow I do feel like that thirteen year old, except the pimples aren't there but managing a household does feel like pimples. The problems stare at your face and you're looking for a solution to make you're world that more peaceful.

The past is also good to remind you why you changed your careers. Like myself. On my sometimes worst day as an entrepreneur I find myself looking longingly at my corporate job and thinking to myself, 'Well, at least I got a guaranteed paycheck every two weeks.' Somehow in those moments, I also conveniently forget how miserable I was and that my spirit was slowly dying. It reminds me of the children of Israel when they were in the wilderness and started to fantasize about their Egyptian lives as slaves. "Well, at least we ate well!"

Do you find yourself reflecting of the past?



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