Thursday, April 8, 2010

Got Skills?

I think each of us has an alter ego, or perhaps a person we aspire to become. I've noticed of late I would really like to be that "cool" chic. Trust me, my definition of a cool chic has changed over the years. A cool chic in middle school was a girl who had the latest fashion and always seemed comfortable in her skin. My interpetation of cool has morphed a bit over the years, yet still includes that criteria of finding peace in being who she is, but has grown to include one who can make the mundane interesting if not glam, on a shoe-string budget. That person who could whip up a Carolina Herrera inspired dress for that wedding in two weeks, rather than scouring the mall for the perfect dress. Or that woman who can take a desolate backyard and design a romantic garden.

I guess I'm on a quest to build those skills. The quest to roll up my sleeves and develop skills that's pertinent to survial. I'm not saying I'm going to be a homesteader with chickens and pigs running around in my backyard, nor am I going to grow all of my vegetables, but I would like to have that common ground and as of late have found digging around in the soil a soothing conrast to the stressful demands of the world around us. Maybe its in my genetic make-up to be a lady gardener/seamstress or maybe its the wave of the future. Could it be in this microwave, tech savvy, gadget lusting society we are now welcoming the slower activities of life? We don't have to look far to find recipes for slow cooking meals, homesteading, and sewing clubs. Are we in fact returning to whence we came? Yo no se. But what I do know is that I for one don't particularly mind reflecting the slow, contemplative lifestyles of the Waltons, when everything wasn't done in a haste but in due time and with skill.


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