Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Throwback

I'm sharing a moment with my niece today. While spending the day with me, we started rummaging through our DVDs and came across the Cosby Show collection. She told me she watched it a couple of times, but she didn't sound excited enough. Then I went on a whole spill of how popular the show was when I was her age of 10 years old. "As popular as Everyone Hates Chris?" She asked. "Bigger than that. It was like American Idol." I replied. Okay, I lied a bit but it definitely received some credibility. Five minutes later we were both laughing at the jokes my family and I laughed at years ago. It's funny how timeless comedy can be. I used to wonder what my father saw in Sanford and Son and one night a couple of months ago I was in stitches with the clever dialogue. If you have some free time, let the younger generation know about what used to make you smile, you might be suprised at their response.


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