Friday, June 17, 2011

Summer Sewing

I love shopping for the summer season and recently enjoy sewing for my daughter. I find summer clothes to be so much easier to sew. Don't you? The lazy day skirt has been my go to skirt that I am happy to say I can whip up in less than an hour! I say this as a pat myself on the back, considering just two summers ago I didn't even know how to use a sewing machine. For me, I am obsessed with sewing pencil skirts. I can go out to town with pencil skirts in West African fabric, denim, eyelet, you name it. I can't believe how quickly I can whip these up either and there's a certain level of satisfaction I feel as I wear them. I observe the hem and know that it was thoughtfully stitched. Now I understand why sewing has now become a growing obsession. What started out as a skill I wanted to master, has now become a hobby I carefully carve out time for each week. What shall I make this week? I always think. But with warm summer weather, I feel no inclination to stay glued to a chair for hours on end sewing, rather I desire a quick satisfaction that only comes with a skirt here, or a toy there.

What about you, what's your go-to summer sewing pattern?



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