Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So Long Light Meals

That's a picture of me in Jamaica circa 2003 when I was writing Dream Chasers. I was on a quest to chop down some green bananas. If you look closely you can see how I handle the machete with much skill and agility.

One thing I did not know prior to nursing, was how famished you feel afterwards. I thought you can get by with Greek yogurt and fruit with some salad and be good for the next three hours. Boy was I wrong. I mean I'm more hungry than when I was pregnant. While pregnant, I could eat a bowl of cereal with soy milk and be able to go for hours without looking at food. Now I eat a bowl of cereal and it goes into a bottomless pit and I graze for no end to feel full.

I've decided to take it old school. Old school Caribbean dining that is. I grew up eating cornmeal porridge for breakfast and boiled green bananas and yams with saltfish, liver, callaloo, and ackee. Funny enough these are the only dishes that can sustain me. I should not be surprised. Although, these are some tasty dishes; they are loaded with iron, protein, calcium, that can easily be taken from you when you nurse. If you don't believe me, swing by a Jamaican restaurant (a good one) and see how well the food sticks to your bones. Bon appetit!


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