Monday, November 24, 2008

I Think I Found It

I'm now convinced that beauty products have a time span of about 2-3 years. During those two-three years your skin is compatible with this product, for me it was Kiehls and then Mary Kay. After about two to three years, I either start to breakout or my skin no longer has that dewy supple look of yesteryear. I may start to see blotches, or a pimple, or it may even seem drying. Well, that's where I've been for the past month or so and I decided to put matters in my own hands. I opted against going to Nordstroms or Macy's and found myself in front of a display of cosmetics in Whole Foods. 'Where to begin?' I wondered to myself. I knew I was tired of not being able to pronounce the ingredients that I put on my face, but beyond that, I had no clue of this green cosmetic market. Kiehls, Aveda, Origins, I know...but Aubrey I don't. The sale rep. was very helpful and recommended a couple of lines, but she grew very enthusiastic when she mentioned Dr. Haushka's line ( I got the sampler and put it on my face as soon a I got home. I know this sounds trite, but I really did feel an instant difference on my face. I'm going to see how my skin looks and feels after seven days and I'll keep you posted.

What products do you like to use for your beauty regimen?


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