Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas During a Recession

I've never really been a spender and could never relate to stories of maxing out credit cards during the Christmas season, but now I'm the most conservative person on this side of the Mason Dixie line. I've resorted to making my own gifts this year, and digging deep into my well of creative thought to present something of value to my dear family and friends. So, I trekked my way to all the spots that my fellow crafters frequent. You know..Michael's, Joann's and Christmas Tree and you know what? I found a bunch of things I could make for less than $10 a gift. At Christmas Tree I found these really classic monogrammed mugs that anyone would love for 2 for $3! I also loaded up on paper gift bags from Michael's in which I will fill with homemade Christmas cookies brilliantly tied with a red and white polka dot ribbon and labeled with a Martha Stewart label. I'll simply write on the label "Stay Sweet! Merry Christmas!" Speaking of Martha Stewart, she is really on the roll. She has a great selection of items at Michael's for parties, crafting and any activity that creates sentiment.

Before I settle down to make my Christmas gifts, I'm reflecting on what this recession means. I think for one it will help us learn how to value money and not to dig ourselves into debt to please an insatiable appetite for material objects. I also think it will bring us back to the basics and help us learn what really matters in life: peace, love and a sense of hope. After all, that's the true meaning of Christmas.


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