Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts from the Inauguration

After rising early to take in every part of the Inauguration Day (in between feeding and taking care of my newborn), I feel challenged to be a better person and to pursue my dreams with more aggression. Here are a list of my rambling thoughts from yesterday:

1) Tom Brokaw shows that he doubles as a fashion journalist when he inquired if First Lady Obama was wearing brocade to the prayer breakfast.

2) "Very classy touch." Those were my words when Michelle Obama handed Laura Bush a gift.

3) Sasha and Malia are official poster children for the coined expression, "All American" in their J-Crew ensembles.

4) Was it me or did Bill Clinton look a bit bitter walking out for the Inauguration?

5) There was something oddly suspicious about Cheney insisting to move a particular box out of the White House. I can hear him saying, "That box goes with me."

6) I wish Ray Charles was around to sing America at the Inauguration.

7) >Speechless< That was me while I listened to Obama's speech.

8) The poor delivery of the poem overshadowed its strong message.

9) The beast is probably the most impressive cars in any parade I've ever witnessed.

10) Yes, I did watch the Obamas dance to "At Last" each and every time and did not grow bored to witness their genuine love and appreciation for each other.

Have a wonderful day and in the words of Obama let's go and make America better.


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