Monday, November 30, 2009

I Love My Hair

Not only do I love her blog (Fly), now I'm loving these prints that she produces on her website,

What is the issue, you may ask? Well, most African-American women are taught to not love their hair and to train it to be anything other than the unruly, kinky hair. I got a perm at the tender age of 8 and have struggled to have straight hair through perms, burns, and of course losing my hair due to the chemicals. And I must say, having my hair natural feels liberating. I no longer have to worry about the kinks showing through after four weeks and anxiously waiting for the six week mark so my whole head will be bone straight again.

Nor do I despise my natural hair, in fact I'm in love with it. Sometimes, my fingers get lost in my coils and I wonder how on earth I once thought it was ugly. And what's more, as my daughter watches me comb my hair I am proud that she sees her own beauty in me.

Tweet Tweet

I was always that kid who secretly hoped there would be a package under the Christmas tree with air holes for a cute cocker spaniel that I could name Lola. Now years later and one kid later I kind of want that experience for my Sweet Pea, of course with a more manageable pet like...say... Birds.

The idea came not from myself but her fascination of these creatures that flock the air and she'll scream out bird and then I thought wouldn't it be lovely if we had our very own inside the home that could provide us with endless chatter or song. Some society finches or a canary. I was really thinking about lovebirds but got a sticker shock when I saw them selling for $150 each.

Three reasons why I suggest birds as pets:

1) You don't have to walk them on a cold day.
2) You don't have to potty train them.
3) They're a great source of education to witness as they reproduce.

What are your pet suggestion?