Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Sacrifice of Healthy Eating

I'm really trying to make sure my daughter has a well-balanced diet, even on days that it is busy. I sometimes cringe to think when I realized she didn't have her quinoa porridge in the morning or at times she may have to eat at her school, in which I have no control over what she eats. I wonder how much processed food she may eat when she's not around me and then ask myself if I'm neurotic or extreme. "So what if she had a goldfish for snack instead of a juicy peach, look at the mystery meat I used to consume in my public school cafeteria." I would say to myself. Then, I look at my constant struggle with weight and hope that if I make wise choices for her today, hopefully she will make wise choices as she grows up and won't associate happy childhood memories with sweets but rather immune boosting smoothies or grilled veggie burgers.

Fighting childhood obesity is like war on drugs in the eighties. Hopefully we'll win it by making a small sacrifice a day in the kitchen.

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