Friday, October 5, 2007

Science Fiction

I laughed aloud this morning when I remembered an odd dream I had the night before. I dreamt that my stomach had a door that can open and close; so we could see Baby Mills anytime we wanted, too. In the dream, I opened the door and invited Garfield to see the baby, but we couldn't touch the baby. Garfield reached for the baby and I reminded him of the "Look Don't Touch" policy. It didn't end there, we invited everyone to look at the baby and after the viewing, we carefully closed shop. The humor was that is was so real, I honestly thought I was going to wake up with a steel latched door on my stomach. Oh well.

Can you imagine if that was true? Women walked around with these metal doors and tada, baby viewing is available. I can see businesses selling different types of latch doors. There'll probably be a bling, bling; complete with diamond studs or a bohemian styled one. Plus, depending on the baby's gender there'll probably be decorating tips to make your baby latch door special for your little one. Perhaps it is a good thing that these doors never existed. For now it would remain in my imagination.


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