Saturday, July 16, 2011

One of the Most Beautiful Books in the Library

The library has been one of my favorite places for quite a while now. As a child, I would drift off in another world within its confines, while my peers would rather be outside playing. Whenever life gets stressful, I go to the library and it is as if time stands still. The smell of the used books and reading spines upon spines of books, never bores me. The biggest problem in a library of sticking to one stack of books rather than several, is much more welcomed than other challenges I face. I even sewed a special library bag just for these homages to be used to fill all of my treasures.

Going to the library also helps me build my personal library. It's like test driving a car. After two weeks I know which books I want to see in my collection and which books I rather pass on for another time.

Brown Rabbit in the City by Natalie Russell is just that kind of book. I love the classic artwork with my favorite color palette and the story of friendship. Russell's skill for screen printing undoubtedly will make it an adult's favorite as well as a child's. The prequel to this book is Moon Rabbit.



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